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Isuzu 250 H/O D/Cab X-Rider A/T

Isuzu D-MAX Range

Built to enthral and excite, the Isuzu D-MAX proudly continues Isuzu’s iconic heritage of innovation, toughness, reliability, functionality and appeal. To give you the best bakkie possible, over 4 million kilometres of driving tests were conducted around the world – the equivalent of driving 100 times around the globe – in conditions that varied from Kalahari heat to North Pole snow. 1.4 Million of those test kilometres were done in South Africa. Standout features include a high level of occupant safety, a 5-speed automatic transmission option for optimal fuel consumption, powerful engines, state-of-the-art 4WD controls, and a suspension and chassis design that offers superior ride quality and handling. The Isuzu D-MAX – our journey starts here.

Offer Details

Monthly installment of R7 800 over 72 months
Linked interest rate starting at 12.00%
Deposit 0.00% Balloon 30.00%

Terms and Conditions apply. Kohler Auto reserve the right to alter any details or specifications and equipment without prior notification and is not responsible for typographical errors. Images are used for illustration purposes only. Any additional accessories will be subject to separate terms and conditions. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotional offer. Offers exclusive Kohler Auto and to stock availability E&OE.
Make A Lasting Impression

The first thing you’ll notice is that the Isuzu D-MAX is big and long – perfectly proportioned in fact, and aerodynamically efficient.
The Isuzu D-MAX’s design is the result of extensive computer analysis and wind tunnel testing in facilities around the world. It has one of the lowest coefficients of drag (Cd) in its class. The roof has been designed to direct airflow over the tailgate, reducing drag and improving fuel economy, performance and levels of cabin noise. One of the results of this intensive testing, is a best in class fuel efficiency for the 3.0 litre D-TEQ engine.

Welcome Inside

There is much to enjoy once you’re inside the Isuzu D-MAX. For starters, it has a passenger-car-like interior that strikes the perfect balance between style and substance. The interior design is based on a mixture of function and form and adheres to three main criteria:
1. Comfort: Low cabin noise and vibration make the ride quality in the Isuzu D-MAX Double Cab comparable to that of a luxury passenger car. Engine bay soundproofing, cabin and body mounts, plus the aerodynamic shape of the D-MAX, have ensured that it is also one of the quietest in its class.
2. Ease of use: All the controls are positioned logically and intuitively, and are easy to reach and operate.
3. Choice of use: Multiple storage compartments also make it convenient for the user to store and use many items safely and securely.

True Grit

Whatever your bakkie needs and desires, there is an Isuzu D-MAX engine to meet your specific requirements.
Isuzu’s diesel engine know-how is evident in its powerful 3.0 litre and tried and tested 2.5 litre engine options. The 3.0 litre D-TEQ Double Cab currently leads the field with best-in-class fuel efficiency. An impressive 130kW of power propels the 3.0 litre D-TEQ engine with ease, while the 380Nm of torque is delivered on a flat curve to aid driveability and make towing easier. The robust 2.5 litre engine has been proven over generations to be unstoppable. 5-speed automatic transmission engines are also available in the LX models. These have a driver select sequential shift for driving pleasure and vehicle operational flexibility, resulting in low fuel consumption.